Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

Biomedical Graduate Student Government

Hello and welcome to the University of Miami Programs in Biomedical Sciences!

We, the officers and senators of the Biomedical Graduate Student Government (BGSG), strive to serve the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine graduate student body by addressing their academic, professional and social needs through programs, mentorship and communication with university administration.

To achieve this mission, we organize various events, workshops, and socials throughout the year, including our yearly distinguished guest lecturer in the spring, which recently hosted well-known researchers in their respective fields, Drs. James DeGregori and Marc Kirschner. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to meet with these distinguished scientists in small group meetings to foster more intimate discussions on science and career development. We also organize various workshops, such as the Teaching and Learning workshop (meant to supplement training in teaching careers) and the more recently started Career Development Symposium, which featured well known industry career consultant, Dr. Isaiah Hankel from Cheeky Scientist, as well as speakers from various careers around campus. To help students in successfully passing their graduate school milestones, we also offer monthly Coffee and Donuts (informal student roundtable discussions on various topics pertaining to graduate student life, such as making a timeline to graduation and talking science to non-scientists), as well as our popular Mock Qualifying Exam (Q.E.) program, wherein senior students help their junior peers in preparing for their qualifying exam by providing feedback and guidance on the oral portion of their examination. To help break down the silos between programs, we also provide various social events, such as our Graduate Student happy hours and various community service activities, such as beach clean-ups and cooking dinner for the families at the Ronald McDonald House, among many more.

Being a member of the BGSG (or any of its various sub-committees) is an immensely rewarding experience where you can make lifelong friendships, gain valuable leadership experience, and foster a sense of community and fellowship amongst your graduate student peers at UM. In the fifth year after our creation, we hope to continue to focus and hone our mission by building stronger relationships between students, faculty, and administration and invite any interested students to reach out to us and participate in our various events and initiatives throughout the year. I hope to see you all soon and wish you the best of luck on your graduate school endeavors.


Clara Troccoli