Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

BGSG Committees

Teaching and Learning (TAL)

Chair: Valeria Copello, vac60@med.miami.edu and Austin Choi, akchoi@med.miami.edu

The goal of the Teaching and Learning Committee is to obtain teaching and learning opportunities for the Biomedical Graduate student body. We believe that teaching skills are important for our development as scientists and therefore are working towards creating a teaching seminar for graduate students.

Career Development

Chair: Clara Troccoli, ctroccoli@med.miami.edu

The objective of the Career Development Committee is to establish a channel between the prospective employer/hiring managers and job-seeking biomedical graduate students. Our mission is to help PhD and MD/PhD students get internships and jobs in academia, biopharmaceutical/biomedical industry or consulting firms, clinical research, scientific journals, hospitals and regulatory agencies. To that end, we provide events for graduate students to develop career building skills and facilitate opportunities for students to network with representatives from these diverse fields.

Community Service

Chair: Christina Johnson, ckj12@miami.edu

The purpose of the Community Service Committee is to provide biomedical graduate students with diverse science and community-related volunteer opportunities to develop aspects of communication, leadership, creativity, and teamwork. We actively search for events within and outside of the University in which students can participate. This past year we offered students the chance to judge poster sessions at the Undergraduate Research, Creativity, and Innovation Forum (RCIF) and the 2015 Miami-Dade STEM Expo Program. We also have an ongoing collaboration with Project Serve and the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) where a group of students get together for a couple hours for an evening to prepare a homemade meal for the families staying at RMH on campus.

New and International Students

Chairs: Samara Vilca, svilca@miami.edu and Abhiraami Kanna-Sundhari, a.kannansundhari@med.miami.edu

The objective of the New and International Student Committee is to facilitate the transition of all new students into the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) at the University of Miami. As such, we worked with members of BGSG to develop a handbook (currently the 2nd Edition) with information on various topics like ‘Where to live?’ to ‘How to pick a lab rotation?’, written from the perspective of fellow graduate students. This year, we also wrote a section specifically addressing international students.