Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

PhD Curricula

Programs in Biomedical Sciences (PiBS)

During graduate school year 1, basic science MSTP students participate in PiBS curriculum and select additional courses to fulfill their program requirements. Some components of PiBS and specific graduate program requirements are waived for MSTPs, which streamlines didactic coursework. By the end of their first year most MSTPs in PiBS training programs have completed the bulk of their class work, and thereafter can devote most of their time to dissertation research. Basic science MSTP students are encouraged to complete qualifying exams and dissertation proposals early in the 2nd year of the PhD phase.

PiBS-Affiliated Biomedical Science Programs

Other Available PhD Programs for MSTP Students

Epidemiology (EPI):
EPI students have specific course prerequisites, and take specialized classes in epidemiology, public health and advanced biostatistics during the first two years of the PhD phase prior to taking qualifying exams. Dissertation research is ongoing throughout. Students interested in this PhD training track should seek further information about prerequisites, requirements and other program details at the Public Health Sciences website. Note that students interested in Epidemiology must declare their interest at the time of application.

Biomedical Engineering (BME):
BME students can take advantage of the many research collaborations between BME professors in the College of Engineering and faculty in multiple clinical departments and research institutes across the medical school. MSTP students must have a prior undergraduate engineering degree to select this training option. Noteworthy is that a streamlined curriculum has been developed allowing MSTP students pursuing BME to complete most coursework within three semesters of graduate training.