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Brain Gain

Posted: 05.13.2015

Neurons image

by Melissa Peerless

The field of neuroscience explores the fundamental questions related to brain, behavior, and neurological disorders.

Understanding how the nervous system controls our behavior and mental processes represents a major challenge in science. In the 1960s, the field of neuroscience was created to approach this complex organ from a variety of approaches.

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field that brings together researchers and clinicians from the biological sciences, psychology, chemistry/biochemistry, physics, engineering and medicine to explore fundamental questions related to brain, behavior and neurological disorders.

Over the past 40 years, universities around the world have addressed the need to train the next generation of neuroscientists by creating graduate and undergraduate programs in this area.

The University of Miami formally created the university-wide Neuroscience Ph.D. Program in 1992, and established the undergraduate neuroscience major in the College of Arts & Sciences as an interdisciplinary program of study in 2001.

The neuroscience major offers diverse options for students interested in learning about the brain.

Joaquin Jiminez, a 2013 neuroscience graduate who is now enrolled at UM’s Miller School of Medicine, said, “It tackles a range of topics from philosophical questions as intangible as the nature of human consciousness, to mechanistic biological questions about how neurons find their targets during development.”

He added that neuroscience “attracts people with diverse interests and unique perspectives.”

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