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Postdoc Research Day 2017 Awards

Posted: 02.15.2017

The Postdoctoral Programs Office held its 8th Annual Postdoctoral Fellows Research Day, on Friday, February 3, 2017.  Thirty-nine postdoctoral fellows from fifth-teen departments presented their research accomplishments and competed for three top ranked presenters. The posters were available for viewing from 11:00am-3:30pm in front of the Lois Pope LIFE Center building. The event was well attended by graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and UM faculty. Twenty-five Faculty volunteered their time to evaluate the posters to select the three best poster presentations.

The University of Miami Postdoctoral Programs Office is a member of the National Postdoc Association. The National Postdoc Association serves as a national advocate for postdocs by providing awareness and promoting initiatives like the National Postdoc Appreciation week held in September. To encourage participation the University of Miami Postdoctoral Program Office moved its event from September to February. Since 2009, the postdoc appreciation week has served as a way to recognize the significant contributions our postdocs make to the vibrant and cutting edge research community and provides a networking platform to facilitate multidisciplinary research at the University of Miami.

This year’s winners of the poster presentation were:

1st Place Winner - $300

Priyanka Maiti, PhD
Title of research: “Elucidating the role of GTPases OBGH1 and OBGH2 in mammalian mitoribosome assembly”
Faculty mentor: Antonio Barrientos, PhD

2nd Place - $200

Akhilesh Kumar, PhD
Title of research: “Ate1-mediated posttranslational arginylation is essential for stress response regulation and mutagenesis suppression”
Faculty mentor: Fangliang Zhang, PhD>

3rd Place - $100

Jianping Li, MD/PhD
Title of Research: “ASXL2 is required for normal hematopoiesis and loss of Asxl2 leads to myeloid malignancies in mice”
Faculty mentor: Feng-Chun Yang, PhD